Jang Ja Yeon’s Sexual Abuse Case Reinvestigations Coming To A Close

The Investigative Team of Past Affairs at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office will be wrapping up the reinvestigations on the late actress Jang Ja Yeon’s sexual abuse case.

On May 8, a source from the Investigative Team of Past Affairs revealed that they will be submitting their final report about the case to the Ministry of Justice’s Committee of Past Affairs on May 13.

The final report will contain information that the team has gathered for the past 13 months. They started revisiting the case on April 2, 2018 regarding various suspicions that arose from the incident in 2009.

During their reinvestigations, the Investigative Team of Past Affairs indicted a former Chosun Ilbo reporter on charges of sexually assaulting Jang Ja Yeon. They also questioned the former CEO of TV Chosun Bang Jung Oh and his uncle Bang Yong Hoon, two men who are reportedly on the list of people Jang Ja Yeon claimed she was forced to sexually entertain along with other figures in the business and media world.

The team also conducted a witness interview with Yoon Ji Oh, a former colleague of Jang Ja Yeon who claims to have seen her document. Actress Lee Mi Sook was also called in for questioning after being accused of taking advantage of the late actress for her legal battle against Kim Jong Seung, the CEO of the agency she and Jang Ja Yeon were part of.

Additionally, the Investigative Team of Past Affairs had stated that an investigation is needed in regards to suspicions that Jang Ja Yeon was a victim of aggravated rape (a term used to mean sexual assault under the influence of drugs) following the testimony of several sources other than Yoon Ji Oh.

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