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IVE’s Wonyoung is known for her professional attitude on stage and flawless treatment of fans. Her kind personality was proved recently after a deaf fan (@n_n_na_ on Twitter) attended IVE’s fansign in Kansai.

The fan was hearing-impaired, and could only hear certain sounds. They stated that they could only hear Wonyoung call their name, and the rest was difficult. They instantly told Wonyoung that they were hearing-impaired.

  • Fan: My ears can’t hear, so I can’t hear what you say.
  • Wonyoung: Oh. Sorry. What can I do to communicate with you?

Wonyoung immediately used her hands to make a heart as she said that. After that, Wonyoung spoke slowly and clearly with her mouth, so that the fan could read her lips. Thanks to Wonyoung’s efforts, they could converse smoothly. When Wonyoung paused to sign the album, Wonyoung told the staff to wait. She purposely extended the time with the hearing-impaired fan.

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The fan noted that although most fans were given around 25 seconds of time, they received a little over a minute thanks to Wonyoung’s swift reaction and consideration.

After the moment went viral, another fan who had a similar experience chimed in. They also noted that they were hearing-impaired, and had attended the individual member fansign the day before. Wonyoung had realized the fan was hearing-impaired through the fans’ expressions and gestures. Wonyoung even communicated “I love you” using sign language.

Another hearing-impaired fan contributing to the reviews.

As the post went viral on November 20, 2023, Wonyoung received much praise from netizens. They called her an angel on earth, a true professional, and more. Wonyoung’s kind personality is widely known amongst many staff and workers in the industry.

Author: Jasmine Turner from www.koreaboo.com

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