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Vocalists IU and Apink‘s Jung Eunji have been good friends for a while now, since Apink debuted in 2011 as IU’s 3-years hoobae (junior).

eunji iu

These two have constantly boasted their friendship by appearing in each other’s concerts and casually mentioning each other whenever and wherever — making fans feel good knowing they have each other.


And in Eunji’s latest Instagram live broadcast, while she sang covers of various artists including her sunbae-nim (senior), IU personally surprise-visited and blew up the comments section!

Oh what, sunbae-nim just entered the live! Hi sunbae-nim! Oh my gosh, this is embarrassing…

— Jung Eunji

As Eunji “put on a concert” with IU songs, IU showered Eunji with love and support…

… and fangirled hard at Eunji’s beautiful voice!


The waves won’t be able to return to the sea, listening to your voice!

— IU


The fireflies won’t be able to fly off, listening to your singing!

— IU


Lolol. I’m leaving, but after listening to this song first.

— IU

After bombarding Eunji with comment after comment, IU had to leave the broadcast. But she left her baby sister the sweetest goodbye:


I’m leaving now!!! Bye!!!!! 💙

— IU

And just like that, IU and Apink fans are falling in love all over again with this tiki-taka filled Eunji x Jieun “EUNJIEUN” sisterhood!

iu 1


Watch Jung Eunji’s amazing live broadcast here:

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