IU And Yeo Jin Goo Will Reunite On Television Following “Hotel Del Luna” – KpopHit

IU and Yeo Jin Goo will reunite on a tvN variety show after working together in hit drama Hotel Del Luna.

According to an exclusive report from Osen, IU will be the fourth guest on tvN’s new variety show House of Wheels. The premise of the show is where the main cast of Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, and Yeo Jin Goo build a small, portable home, live in it, and also invite guests over.

Their guest lineup is already impressive, with the first set of guests being Ra Mi Ran and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, the second guest was Gong Hyo Jin, and the third guest will be Lee Sung Kyung.

Currently, the show has already racked up impressive viewer ratings, with the most recent episode with Gong Hyo Jin pulling in 4.960% viewer ratings. Lee Sung Kyung’s episode(s) have not aired yet.

Take a look at their mobile mini-house below, featuring Kim Hee Won’s children:


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