ITZY to Premiere ‘LOCO’ Performance at Special Comeback Show

ITZY will be meeting the fans through a special comeback show ahead of the release of their new album “Crazy in Love,” and they will be performing “LOCO” for the first time.

On Sept. 14, ITZY announced through their social media accounts that they will be holding an “ITZY #OUTNOW COMEBACK SHOW” in celebration of their return with their first full-length album.

ITZY Crazy in Love

(Photo : ITZY Facebook)

ITZY to Hold a Comeback Show on Naver NOW and Perform LOCO for the First Time

On Sept. 24, ITZY’s comeback show for their first full-length album “Crazy in Love” will be held via Naver NOW.

Throughout the live broadcast, the girls will be communicating with their global fans. ITZY’s comeback show will also feature the performance of “LOCO” which will be revealed for the first time.

ITZY Crazy in Love

(Photo : ITZY Facebook)

“LOCO” is the title track for ITZY’s new album “Crazy in Love.” This song expresses the powerful attraction of love, and fans will be able to see new charms of the members.

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In addition to the “LOCO” performance, ITZY also prepared more activities for their comeback show, such as new album unboxing, the introduction of songs, and the showing of behind-the-scenes moments.


(Photo : ITZY Facebook)

Fans who would like to tune into the quintet’s upcoming live broadcast can access it via the link the group provided.

ITZY’s comeback show will take place on Sept. 24 at noon KST, while the release of the group’s first full-length album “Crazy in Love” is due out on the same day at 1 p.m. KST.

Are you excited to see the performance of ITZY’s “LOCO”?

ITZY Drops Photobook Previews for New Album Crazy in Love

In other news, ITZY continues to release teasers for their upcoming album “Crazy in Love.”

This week, the girl group started revealing the photobook previews. On Monday, Sept. 13, the quintet revealed the first set featuring two group photos.

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On Sept. 14, more photobook previews were shared, and they featured members Yeji and Lia.

ITZY Crazy in Love

(Photo : ITZY Facebook)

Based on the comeback scheduler, concept images for “SWIPE” will also be unveiled this week, starting on Sept. 16 until 17. “SWIPE” is one of the B-side songs in “Crazy in Love.”

After the concept images, an album spoiler, two music video teasers for “LOCO” and one MV teaser for “SWIPE” will be unveiled in the following week.

ITZY Crazy in Love

(Photo : ITZY Facebook)

On Sept. 24, ITZY’s “Crazy in Love” along with the “LOCO” MV will be officially released, while the “SWIPE” MV will be dropped on Monday, Sept. 27.

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“Crazy in Love” is ITZY’s first full-length album since their debut. It will contain a total of 16 songs, including the title track “LOCO” and its English and instrumental versions, plus eight more new tracks.


(Photo : ITZY Facebook)

The album will also include the instrumental versions of the group’s previous releases: “ICY,” “DALLA DALLA,” “Not Shy,” “WANNABE,” and “Mafia in the Morning.”

“Crazy in Love” will be ITZY’s second domestic album this 2021, following their fourth extended play “Guess Who,” which was released this past April.

In addition to their domestic comeback, ITZY will also be making their debut in Japan with their first Japanese album, entitled “WHAT’s ITZY?” Their debut date is yet to be announced.

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