“Itaewon Class” Previews Kwon Nara And Kim Da Mi’s Continuous Rivalry For Park Seo Joon’s Heart

Love knows no time in “Itaewon Class”!

On March 13, the JTBC drama released stills of Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, and Kwon Nara and the changes they experienced over ten years. The only aspect that hasn’t changed is Kim Da Mi and Kwon Nara’s tense battle over Park Seo Joon.


In the last episode, Park Sae Roy (Park Seo Joon) once again strengthened his will to get revenge against Jang Dae Hee (Yoo Jae Myung). The only hope to regain success was through a cooking show. Ma Hyun Yi (Lee Joo Young) was gaining popularity with her winning stream, but Jang Geun Soo (Kim Dong Hee) revealed her as transgender, shaking up the opinions of those around them.

In the new stills, Park Sae Roy is now the CEO of I.C. (Itaewon Class), and Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) is by his side as always. Their mature looks draw curiosity about their success in the restaurant industry.

In other photos, Jo Yi Seo and Oh Soo Ah face off in a tense war of nerves. Previously, Jo Yi Seo was rejected by Park Sae Roy who claimed she was just his business partner and friend. However, in the preview video, she boldly expressed her unwavering feelings for him. Will Jo Yi Seo’s straightforwardness eventually melt Park Sae Roy’s heart?

The production crew said, “Even though time has passed by, the love triangle is still as tense as ever. Please watch to see if Kim Da Mi’s unwavering, straightforward confession can change Park Seo Joon’s heart.”

Episode 13 will air on March 13 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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