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The first three episodes of ‘Sing Again’ were auditions that whittled down the number of contestants, and the next two feature head-to-head team competitions. Most importantly, there seemed to be a lot more freedom with song choice and performance stage, which kicked things into another gear.


Note: There are no English subtitles, but you can get the gist of the show watching episodes without them and JTBC are posting clips and performances on JTBC Entertainment and JTBC Voyage on YouTube.


Same as with the last recap, here are my picks for the notable contestants, listed in the order they appear on the show. I also posted the song they are covering below their performance.


Ladies’ Code’s Sojung (#11) & Lee Michelle (#14) – SHINee’s “Juliette” – 1 Vote

Han Seung Yoon (#17) & Seo Young Joo (#26) – Shin Hae Chul’s “An Invitation To Daily Life” – 7 Votes

Choi Ye Geun (#23) & 415 (#32) – Sanulrim’s “Punk Kid” – 8 Votes

Lee Seungyoon (#30) & Lee Moo Jin (#63) – Shin Hae Chul’s “Inside The Play – 6 Votes

Inmingwan (#19) & Cheon Danbi (#40) – Kwon In Ha, Kim Hyun Sik, Kang In Won’s “Watercolor Painting On A Rainy Day” – 5 Votes

Lee Joon Won (#28) & Kim Jin Woong (#49) – Song Chang Sik’s “Whale Hunting” – 4 Votes

Sunny Hill’s JuB (#42) & Soya (#69) – BoA’s “Valenti” – 6 Votes

Crayon Pop’s ChoA (#59) & TINY-G’s J.Min (#67) – Lee Sun Hee’s “A Gust Of Laughter” – 5 Votes

Venti (#1) & Yoon Seol Ha (#45) – 2NE1’s “Ugly” – 1 Vote

IMFACT’s Taeho (#37) & Yoon Young Ah (#50) – Park Jin Young’s “Who’s Your Mama” – 7 Votes


Out of the seven idols or idol-adjacent artists coming into the episode, only Michelle Lee was eliminated because she was effectively up against Ladies’ Code’s Sojung. IMFACT’s Taeho is probably the most well-rounded contestant on the show, which showed in his performance. JuB, Soya, ChoA, and J.Min all showed out well, displaying flashes of vocal brilliance as well as putting their performance chops to good use, all deserving advances. Most importantly, none of them are really out of their depth, as they frequently outperform more respected artists and are not all that far off the top-end of even this competition.

Of the rest, perhaps the two most entertaining performances were Lee Joon Won and Kim Jin Woong putting on a rock show and Choi Ye Geun and 415 showcasing not only their talent but their creativity in completely reworking and modernizing a classic. On the ballad side, it’s hard not to be impressed with Cheon Danbi’s vocals week after week. Of course, as the title alludes to, the indie/folk artists are the ones who really brought it, with Seo Young Joo, Han Seung Yeon, Lee Seung Yoon, and Lee Moo Jin showing out in every aspect of artistry except dance, basically.

Show is good, man.


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