hyuna dawn

HyunA and DAWN, one of the rare K-Pop idol couples in the scene, recently shared how they came to be together.

And if you’re like most fans, you may have been wondering which one of them first asked the other out.

According to HyunA, it was actually her who liked DAWN first, and also for a long time as well. She revealed that she built up the courage to tell him for a while.



When she told DAWN that she liked him, he responded by saying that they should start dating.

They are a match made in heaven as both are fashion icons within the K-Pop scene and they look adorable together. It’s actually no wonder that they ended up together despite certain difficulties.

hyuna dawn

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While the two idols may have faced some difficult times when the news of them dating broke out, they were sure of each other as their love was true, which is why we couldn’t be more happier for them seeing how happy they are today.

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