Hwang Hana claims Park Yoochun is the celebrity who used drugs with her, Park Yoochun claims innocence

Article: “I didn’t do drugs” vs “He did Philopon with me”… Park Yoochun vs Hwang Hana, ex-lovers in debate over the truth

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,006, -16] The entertainment industry is such a dirty place… These celebrities rip money off of their fans to buy houses and buildings and do all sorts of dirty things behind our backs ㅋㅋㅋ I feel like the whole industry needs a good shut down for a few months to investigate everyone once and for all…

2. [+756, -4] I wonder what the truth is? Obviously one side is telling a total lie. I’d go crazy if I was the side telling the truth because it’s so unfair.

3. [+773, -169] I honestly think Park Yoochun is getting blackmailed ㅋㅋ

4. [+311, -29] She’s really trying to drown him with her… scary

5. [+253, -15] Who would have ever thought that they broke off their engagement because of drug issues… amazing, really

6. [+186, -5] She’s the grand-daughter of chaebols, what did she lack in her life to end up like this? She could’ve just stayed quiet and been handed everything she ever needs in life. What a fool.

7. [+157, -7] She was born pretty and rich and this is all she could amount to ㅜ

8. [+138, -9] If Park Yoochun really did do drugs, I doubt he would’ve opened a press conference and lied about it. I think Hwang Hana’s insane… she’s just trying to drown him with her.

9. [+128, -2] It honestly just seems like she’s taking revenge on him for breaking the engagement~

10. [+125, -18] The press conference was tactical for Park Yoochun. It gave him an opportunity to act like the victim while bringing up his past issues with depression and scandals. If the public believes it, his image can go from negative to the victim of rumors.

Article: ‘SBS 8 News’ Park Yoochun booked as suspect of Hwang Hana’s drug accomplice… cellphone and CCTV to be analyzed

Source: SpoTV News via Nate

1. [+1,982, -69] Hwang Hana is sure clingy

2. [+1,576, -117] This whole time, I thought the press conference was about him clarifying that the person in her rumors isn’t him. So it actually was him all along ㅋㅋ The pictures of him crying are going to follow him for the rest of his career ㅋㅋ Ah, hilarious ㅋㅋ

3. [+1,545, -144] I don’t think Park Yoochun would be stupid enough to open a press conference and lie if he really had done drugs with her

4. [+242, -8] All these random arrests of chaebol children, Robert Holley… feels like they’re trying to cover up for another bigger scandal…

5. [+173, -7] Hwang Hana can be charged with perjury if she lied, no?

6. [+166, -6] I don’t think he would’ve lied at his own press conference. He knows that investigations are bound to turn up the truth. If he really did lie at his conference, that’s pretty much giving up on his own life….

7. [+159, -5] Hwang Hana is so… trash

8. [+136, -22] I feel bad for Park Yoochun in some ways. I remember him saying he felt grateful to Hwang Hana because she was there for him when everyone seemed to have turned their backs to him… but now she’s the one trying to take him down. That is, if it’s true that he really didn’t do drugs with her..

9. [+117, -3] I was wondering what he meant at the end of his press conference when he said “I will comply with all investigations”… so he was booked as a suspect this whole time. I was like, why is he making such a big deal out of it if the rumors aren’t about him?

10. [+107, -5] I’m sure investigations will turn up the truth but I hope what he’s saying is true, I hope he didn’t do drugs

11. [+85, -8] I noticed on Hwang Hana’s Instagram that she was posting pictures with her new boyfriend and wearing couple stuff with him… there’s no way that she was doing drugs with Park Yoochun recently like she’s claiming. I don’t like Park Yoochun but his story makes more sense. He’s left no trace of their relationship together since the alleged proposal last March.

12. [+85, -15] Hwang Hana’s lying. They broke up early last year but Hwang Hana’s claiming they did drugs together up until early this year.

13. [+74, -1] I feel like Hwang Hana wouldn’t lie for no reason but I also feel like Park Yoochun wouldn’t hold a press conference when investigations will just turn up the truth… what is going on anymore?

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