How BLACKPINK’s Lisa Ended Up Choosing Her Solo Debut Tracks

Of all the songs she could’ve picked, she picked these.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa made waves with her solo debut, despite only dropping two songs. On the Zach Sang Show, Lisa was asked about the song creation process and how many she actually worked on.

Lisa revealed she focused her time and energy. Instead of recording many songs and picking the best, she put all her effort into the two songs she loved.

Teddy, YG Entertainment‘s producer, played some songs for Lisa and the two that immediately jumped out at her were “LALISA” and “MONEY.”

When listening to the songs, Lisa tries to envision how she fits the song by creating an image of the performance in her head.

I’m trying to imagine me in the song, like, performing.

— Lisa

Both “LALISA” and “MONEY” share Lisa’s signature color and swag as an artist which made them an easy choice for her.

Lisa’s intuition on what will succeed and also what will suit her as an artist never fails!

If it clicks, it’s going to be that. ‘MONEY’ and ‘LALISA’ just hit me so hard.

— Lisa

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