Here’s How MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Likes Her Curry—Brace Yourself Because It’ll Make Your Mouth Water – KpopHit

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is pretty much a mukbang queen. Indeed, her foodie ways are so powerful, that she even won awards for helping food to sell out just by eating it!

Thankfully, Hwasa doesn’t keep her food preferences a secret and shares the secrets and joy of a good meal with everyone!

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

Hwasa orders extra cheese and shrimp for her curry, which sounds like the best idea ever, tbh.

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

She is truly a foodie genius because her meal looks delicious.

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

Eating shrimp and cheese with curry isn’t a new idea and in fact, both toppings are pretty typical in curry restaurants…, however, Hwasa’s idea to order extra is definitely a good idea and something we’ll have to try in the future!

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

What do you think about the way Hwasa likes to eat her curry? Will you try ordering extra shrimp and cheese the next time you’re at a curry restaurant?

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