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Throughout the eight years of their career, the BTS members have been known for their diligent work ethics when it comes to perfecting their performances. J-Hope discussed how their methods of practice have evolved over time, but their undying passion remains.

Previously, the members poured all of their time into practicing and would work intensely for long hours that can be taxing on their bodies.

We used to have to practice for a long time, again and again, to sync up with each other. We’d practice for around 10 hours, review our performances, take a break and then get right back into it, rest some more and do it again.

— J-Hope

With a greater understanding of how to be more efficient with their practices over time, they have shifted their focuses to individually working on the parts that need the extra attention and coming together to work on the final product.

After all that experience, each member knows where they need to focus, so we coordinate our dispositions and make intense breakthroughs and do what we need to until it’s just right, and then we take a break we really take a break.

— J-Hope

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Now we don’t even really have to think about it. So it’s like, All right, let’s do everything we have to do quickly so we can hurry up and get some rest. This part doesn’t seem right though? Let’s get through this quickly. That’s how we do it. We’re more efficient about work and practice now.

— J-Hope

However, those long hours haven’t completely disappeared. In a previous coverage of SBS‘s 8 NewsJin shared in an interview that the group practices at least 7 to sometimes over 10 hours a day when an album is due. Jin said, “When we prepare for an album, we actually block out an entire month before it drops.”

J-Hope also made it a point that their practices have become more efficient but that doesn’t mean they are taken any less seriously. He shared that he reviews performances with an even keener eye nowadays with BTS’s immense success and attention.

I don’t think I take any performance lightly. Ever since we did “Dynamite,” the number of times I go over my performances after they’re done has gone way up. I felt like I’m responsible for making the dances stand out, so I thought I have to try my very best for that aspect. You don’t want to underdeliver on a performance when that many people are sending out their love to you.

— J-Hope

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

If one thing is certain, it’s that fans can always expect BTS to pour their hearts into everything they do!


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