Hashtag tagline #NoSanaNoLife to celebrate Sana's birthday

Recently, the Twice girls have had impressive stages at year-end music programs. Fans were fascinated with their variations in such repertoire and were always looking forward to the appearance of Twice. Besides waiting for the group’s great stages in the near future, the fans still do not forget another event which is the birthday of Japanese member Sana and had a very special congratulations to her. .

  Hashtag tagline #NoSanaNoLife to celebrate Sana's birthday trending Twitter. Hashtag tagline #NoSanaNoLife to celebrate Sana’s birthday trending Twitter.

The stage of Twice at SBS Gayo Daejun 2019.

Accordingly, December 29 is Sana’s birthday and on this special occasion fans have continuously sent their love in each wish. Not only that, the hashtag tag #NoSanaNoLife to celebrate Sana’s birthday has become a global hashtag trend on Twitter and has reached number 1 for the number of people who post about it. Fans all over the world have uploaded photos of Sana with special messages and meaningful hashtags.

  Hashtag tagline #NoSanaNoLife trending Twitter. Hashtag tagline #NoSanaNoLife trending Twitter.
  Sana girl. Sana girl.

Not only has #NoSanaNoLife, some other impressive hashtags like #OurSweetDreamSana, #HappySANAday are also used by fans. It can be seen that this Japanese member of Twice is very respected and loved by fans. Not only fans, JYP also posted photos of Sana’s birthday. All are looking forward to the good in Sana’s new age.

  Photos of JYP posting happy birthday to Sana. Photos of JYP posting happy birthday to Sana.

Happy birthday to Sana once again!

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