Hani and Junghwa leave EXID ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: EXID, Hani and Junghwa are leaving… only Solji and LE renew

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+1,212, -15] I guess that’s basically a disbandment. Feels like yesterday ‘Up & Down’ came out…

2. [+883, -68] It’s usually the girl groups that can’t sustain themselves and either end up disbanding or members leaving. It’s amazing that they even made it this far, I guess. They were facing disbandment just a few years ago.

3. [+144, -16] I’d understand if Solji didn’t renew because she wanted to go solo or something but I didn’t expect Hani and Junghwa… they’re confident that they can make it on their own?

4. [+82, -5] It’s understandable that Hani had a hard time carryin the group on her own after he fancam blew up. Solji was the one who did all the singing though.

5. [+79, -6] Eh? What can Hani and Junghwa do on their own other than variety??

6. [+65, -9] Junghwa’s a nugu and Hani tires viewers out every time she’s on a variety show. I hope Junghwa has a good savings built up..

7. [+53, -3] All groups deny disbanding but it’s hard once you’re all in different agencies..

8. [+49, -4] What is Junghwa going to do without her group? She’s the least known member.

9. [+35, -2] Fame changes people

10. [+33, -2] I get Hani leaving but what is Junghwa expecting to do?

Source: Naver

1. [+1,197, -7] Basically a disbandment

2. [+409, -10] Just another positive way of saying disbandment..

3. [+422, -69] They didn’t have much going for them other than ‘Up & Down’..

4. [+153, -6] Feels like the members who had other agencies left and the others had no choice but to stay…

5. [+96, -5] Hul, disbanding already..

6. [+65, -0] This is basically a disbandment, why do groups always say they’re not disbanding when they’re under different agencies now…

7. [+46, -1] Right after Solji came back???

8. [+42, -6] I wish Solji would have a solo as successful as Taeyeon. She has the top vocals after any second generation girl group.

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