Han Ye Seul opens her own YouTube channel ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Actress Han Ye Seul begins a YouTube channel, “I will show a more human and relatable side to me”

Source: Seoul News by way of Nate

1. [+747, -64] Guess she does not have any paintings to do

2. [+609, -84] ;;; She’s been at the decline ever since she ran away to America…

3. [+542, -78] Ever since she ran clear of her drama and were given eager about a tax evasion controversy, all of her comeback works have gradual and he or she’s too previous to be solid in the rest anymore

4. [+36, -18] She’s in her forties now so her plastic face is beginning to soften down

5. [+35, -11] She’s slightly the eye wh*re…

6. [+33, -6] No extra TV paintings however must generate income so even Han Ye Seul is on YouTube now

7. [+30, -9] I assume she has to do that now since TV presentations don’t need her?

8. [+27, -9] There’s a reason why administrators and PDs do not solid her in the rest, she has deficient persona

9. [+26, -3] I’ll subscribe if she does a tale time on that point she ran clear of her drama

10. [+18, -4] So by way of claiming she has no “special content” ready, she’s going to only take a seat there and make unfastened cash?

11. [+12, -1] So has YouTube turn into the place has-been actors with death careers pass?

12. [+11, -2] Nothing relatable about that pretend face

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