Ham So Won denies rumors that her husband Jin Hua was kissing another man

Ham So Won actively clarified the rumors about her husband, Jin Hua.

Television personality Ham So Won and her husband, Jin Hua, were caught up in bizarre rumors recently.

On February 12, Ham So Won actively clarified the recent false rumors related to Jin Hua through social media.

In the photo that circulated online, two individuals, who appear to be men, are seen expressing affection by kissing on the street.

Ham So Won said, “I will answer the questions now on Instagram and also on Chinese TikTok accounts,” adding, “If you look closely, the man looks very similar (to Jin Hua). But I know Jin Hua’s face well. Please look closely and confirm. I want to clarify that the person kissing in the photo is not Jin Hua.

She then edited photos of her husband Jin Hua and a photo of a celebrity together, cross-editing them to say, “Not Jin Hua. Mr. A.” In her posts, she even disclosed Mr. A’s real name, but the man’s identity has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the couple appeared on TV Chosun‘s “Taste of Wife,” where they shared their daily lives and garnered popularity. However, suspicions arose when a video of Ham So Won yelling at a reporter from a certain media outlet was released, and there were doubts about whether their variety show appearances were scripted and fabricated. Consequently, they temporarily suspended their broadcasting activities in South Korea.

Author: from www.allkpop.com

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