Ha Sung Woon Talks About Watching “Produce X 101” And Which Trainee He’s Rooting For

July 8, during the showcase for his second mini album “BXXX,” Ha Sung Woon talked about watching “Produce X 101.”

He said, “First, watching ‘Produce 101,’ something that I had done, I thought, there must be so much going through the [trainees’] heads. Because that’s what I experienced. I felt like I was in their shoes as I thought about my time on ‘Produce.’”

Ha Sung Woon continued, “I wanted to support them, and there was someone I was rooting for, named Kim Kook Heon. He’s very multitalented so I wanted to root for him. Watching, he works so hard. When you’re on the show, you can’t help but to give it your all. Seeing that, I wanted to send my applause.”

“It made me think a lot about [my time on ‘Produce 101’]. There was a lot that I had wanted to do but couldn’t during the different evaluations, and there were trainees this time around going through the same. It hurt my heart, and I wanted to cheer them on.”

Ha Sung Woon dropped his new mini album “BXXX,” which includes the title track “BLUE,” on July 8. Watch the music video here!

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