Gummy Explains Why She Turns Down OST Offers For Jo Jung Suk’s Dramas

Gummy shared some insights into her life as a newlywed! Gummy and actor Jo Jung Suk were married in October 2018 after dating for five years.

On May 2, Gummy appeared on the KBS Cool FM radio show “Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show” as a guest. She talked about her new song “Alone,” and both she joked about how people around her had been concerned, since they thought the ballad might be a break-up song.

DJ Moon Hee Jun asked, “Isn’t it better when it’s the two of you, rather than being alone?” Gummy replied, “Of course.”

When he asked what the best part is about being married, Gummy replied, “It’s probably that there’s someone that I can depend on. We discuss even trivial things with each other.”

A listener wrote in to ask if Gummy has ever thought about the possibility of singing an OST for a drama that Jo Jung Suk appears in. Gummy explained that she avoids doing that.

“There were several opportunities for me to sing an OST for a work that Jo Jung Suk was appearing in,” said Gummy. “However, I turned them down so that the viewers could concentrate [on the drama]. I think that’s better.”

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