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Statement regarding the termination of Gugudan’s activities

“Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

First, we would like to say our thanks toward the fans who loved and cheered for Gugudan all this time. We would like to make an official announcement regarding Gugudan’s group promotions.

As of December 31, Gugudan’s official group promotions will come to an end, after many years of active promotions, receiving much love from fans. We came to this settlement with all of the Gugudan members after a lengthy and serious discussion.

Even though Gugudan’s group activities will come to an end, we plan on giving our best effort toward each of the members’ individual music, acting, and other promotions to our fullest abilities.

Once again, we thank you all for the supporting that you showed toward Gugudan all this time, and we also sincerely apologize for delivering such sudden news.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Hana-ahㅠㅠ Be successful as an actress

2. The members have suffered a lot and I hope there will be only good things in the future…

3. Jellyfish is really the worst

4. There are many members who have good skills in this group…. I’m so sad

5. Jellyfish is the worst, I hope all the members get better in the future

6. Sejeong should have been solo from the start

7. This is really the agency’s fault

8. The members all have good looks and skills but their agency is not competent

9. Sejeong and Mina… I know them, so I’m sure they’ll live well as actresses, but I’m sorry for the remaining kids

10. They should disband Gugudan early and let the members leave the company when they are young


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