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In an interview with radio host and YouTuber Brooke Morrison, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang revealed that he watches his fans’ reaction videos!

Early in the interview, Brooke briefly mentioned that she reacted to Jackson’s “LMLY” music video. In the end, he brought it back up and said that he had watched her reaction video, shocking her.

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

He said, “I’m so honored to have … you react to it. Thank you.” She responded like anyone would if Jackson revealed he followed our social media content; she laughed.

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

They had just talked about how he wants his audition video off the internet after Brooke revealed she had seen it. She teased him that he is watching her videos as revenge for her watching his audition video!

Jackson said, “I always watch my reaction videos. I always watch it, and I’m so glad.” He added, “I remember your reaction video, but, yeah, after this, I’m going to watch it again.” He also expressed his wish to appear in one of her reaction videos one day!

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

Stan a man that stans you back!

You can watch the full interview below:

Check out Jackson’s “LMLY” music video below:


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