Goo Hara discovered dead in her home ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Police reps, “Goo Hara discovered dead in her home… currently under investigation” [official]

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

1. [+2,713, -404] That hair stylist guy is the culprit

2. [+2,419, -103] Hul…. I hope this is a false report ㅜㅜ

3. [+2,412, -202] Goo Hara still received hate comments even though she was a victim of dating violence… It’s not only the hair stylist but you haters too

4. [+489, -4] She looked unstable already, and I think what happened to Sulli affected her deeply… this breaks my heart…

5. [+400, -3] You said you’d live for Sulli ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+348, -14] Is there a point in blaming her ex?? The article about her latest Instagram post is already full of hate comments… It’s only been a month, just a month guys, since that happened..

7. [+340, -4] The difficulties of her lawsuit, the hate comments, her friend leaving ㅠㅠㅠ I can’t imagine the pain… please rest peacefully in heaven

8. [+311, -4] We often think that people who are as rich as Goo Hara couldn’t possibly have any pain… but to the dead, money doesn’t equal happiness

9. [+301, -17] Even that hair stylist ba$tard is still alive, why would Goo Hara ㅜㅜㅜ

10. [+258, -2] Imagine how hard it was for her at her age… why not just retire and live happily… why such a drastic decision… what a shame

Source: Naver

1. [+26,588, -4,481] When Choi Jong Bum was threatening her with that hidden camera video, do you know what the real time searches were on Google? ‘Goo Hara video’ was #1. You guys are murderers. All you male community sites that tried to get the video to share, this is what you’ve done. This is the reality for female celebrities. While male celebrities get shielded for the crimes they commit, female celebrities are sexually harassed and exiled from the industry over just one minor thing that someone didn’t like.

2. [+16,821, -330] I would like real life names to be used on the internet. I want all devils to be penalized.

3. [+10,160, -152] Please, you promised that you were going to live hard for Sulli’s sake

4. [+8,401, -1,571] This country, where a young, beautiful, rich, talented, wealthy celebrities commit suicide… this is a country where people hate each other, are jealous, envious… another place called hell

5. [+4,922, -136] Praying that this is a false report..

6. [+4,106, -600] Choi Jong Bum. And the Korean men who searched ‘Goo Hara video’. You are the murderers. Don’t dare blame this on feminists. You all deserve to die.

7. [+3,689, -228] This is straight up murder. The murderers are Choi Jong Bum and the court who ruled him innocent, the male community members who giggled over their hate comments. They all worked together to kill her. I wish them all a sad life. Let’s please start making legal conditions for hate comments.

8. [+3,327 -106] The male ba$tard who threatened her with a video needs to be exiled for good

9. [+3,099, -78] The ba$tard who did this to her is living just fine, opening a new salon and everything after the court ruled him innocent. Who financially backed him? Goo Hara put her celebrity career on the line for this lawsuit, and I’ll still never forget the day the news broke out, when her nightmare of an experience became the entertainment of netizen men. It’s so disgusting. I really thought Goo Hara would die. I tried to defend her from being ripped to shreds by all the giggling men who were trying to claim fault on both parties, and I’ll never forget those comments. You men killed her.

10. [+3,002, -151] Her ex-boyfriend needs to be heavily sentenced

Source: Nate

1. [+2,332, -43] Hara-ya, you said you’d live for Sulli’s sake ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+1,859, -40] So unfortunate at such a beautiful age ㅠㅠ

3. [+1,741, -67] Hara-ya… this isn’t right… you said you’d live for Sulli… come on…

4. [+177, -10] I think the hair stylist is over 70% of the blame for Goo Hara’s death. She already made a suicide attempt much earlier than Sulli’s death, but her manager managed to save her early on that time.

5. [+125, -1] People… if something is causing you difficulties to the point of death, please quit whatever you’re doing. There are so many different ways of living on in this world. It doesn’t have to come to this.

6. [+105, -8] I really want to kill that hair stylist

7. [+93, -1] I remember when she was moving on and looking positive after her scandal with her ex, Nate comments were ridiculing her, saying she has a good mental and that being a celebrity isn’t for everyone… you just can’t help dogtizens, tsk tsk

8. [+65, -2] Her eyes look sad now that I look at this

9. [+52, -2] Suicide seems to be a disease… just something you die from one day

10. [+40, -1] She grew up poor, living in a relative’s house when she was younger, which is why she tried so hard to learn financial knowledge, and buy buildings… but her difficulties must’ve been hard enough to want to throw all of that away…

Source: Naver

1. [+3,494, -88] I remember when she was on Instalive.. to say one last goodbye to Sulli… asking people not to worry about her. And people were still calling her an attention wh*re on the video. You are murderers.

2. [+1,059, -42] SNS comments need to all be deleted. If you’re going to keep anonymity on the internet, then legal repercussions for hate comments need to get stronger.

3. [+860, -24] A person has died, and yet the comments are still full of trash…

4. [+593, -26] Yes, it’s been hard for her… I understand where her heart must’ve been… but if only she lived a bit longer…

5. [+535, -17] So her ex got ruled innocent even though he beat her and threatened to release a video with her while Goo Hara has committed suicide… I still can’t forget seeing Goo Hara begging Choi Jong Bum in the elevator to not release the video.

6. [+331, -6] The people to blame are Choi Jong Bum and Judge Oh Duk Shik. May she rest in peace.

7. [+258, -5] It makes me tear up to remember Goo Hara on her knees in the elevator, begging Choi Jong Bum not to release the video…

8. [+163, -4] I’m starting to miss the old days when there weren’t even internet comments, when people didn’t have cellphones, let alone pagers, and we all had to stand in line at the public telephone to make a call…

Source: Naver

1. [+2,323, -84] Choi Jong Bum, Oh Duk Shik, Lee Eon Hak

2. [+1,481, -38] No.. Hara-ya.. you said you’d live for Sulli.. why.. just why..

3. [+1,379, -61] So just because her ex never released the video, that makes him innocent? Even if the video was filmed under both of their consent, the minute he turns around and threatens her with it, that video becomes revenge p*rno. Male community sites kept having ‘Goo Hara s*x video’ on their related search rankings, and all you had to do was take one look at the comments on Facebook to see all the disgusting things they were saying about her. The majority of women kept trying to defend her, saying she’s a victim of revenge p*rno. I’m not trying to turn this into a gender war… I’m just trying to point out that the blame in this case is just so clear. Men who are so intent on finding videos every time this happens to a female celebrity need to reflect.

4. [+1,316, -34] The people who’ve already attempted it once are the most dangerous… because they already know that it’s not a big deal to make the decision to end your life

5. [+541, -10] I hope the hair stylist will show himself burning the original copy of the video and begging for forgiveness. It’s not 100% his fault but I do believe that he had blame behind the decision. We all objectively feel that. Please send her off to heaven the right way.

6. [+342, -8] I don’t know about Sulli but I know for sure that Goo Hara’s ex and his threats about their video were the culprit behind her death

7. [+321, -27] Taeyeon… IU… I pray that you won’t let your mental be affected by this ㅜㅜ

8. [+292, -7] Choi Jong Bum, you need to reflect for the rest of your life for threatening her with that video

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