Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Speaks Out Over Racism Against Asians During COVID-19 Pandemic

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany wrote on Instagram to share her sadness over racism against Asians happening during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and she expressed her hopes for everyone to remember we are in this together.

Tiffany wrote, “… 2020 has been an emotional free fall for us all. I’ve been doing my part to stay at home. it saddens me to see the racism Asians around the world are faced with, & I hope everyone can remember humanity and love above anything else through drastic times like this. we are fighting this together. the world needs a hug [right now],” and shared a heart emoji.

Originally from California, Tiffany made her debut with the now legendary group Girls’ Generation in 2007. While still a member of the group, she is currently focusing on the U.S market as a soloist, and she released the song “Run for Your Life” last fall.

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