Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Emotional Confession on TaeTiSeo Struggles: ‘It was very difficult because…’

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Opens Up About Struggles During Era in Candid Conversation with GOT7’s BamBam

In a recent episode of ‘Bam House,’ GOT7’s BamBam welcomed Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon as a special guest, leading to a heartfelt conversation where Taeyeon shared her honest reflections on the challenges she faced during her TaeTiSeo activities.

The encounter, documented in a video titled ‘Welcome, this is your first time at a (Bam) House meeting, right?’ and uploaded on the 1st, unfolded as BamBam reminisced about receiving Taeyeon’s autograph from her sister during his trainee days.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon

(Photo : Instagram|@taeyeon_ss)
Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Taeyeon, in response, recalled writing, “Let’s meet when we debut.”

BamBam, expressing gratitude for the autograph, disclosed, “I was on the verge of quitting being a trainee, but after getting Taeyeon’s autograph, I promised myself, ‘I will definitely debut.'”

Taeyeon & BamBam

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Taeyeon & BamBam

He went on to share how his life took a positive turn after debuting with GOT7, attributing a significant impact on his personal and family life to the experience.

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BamBam’s Emotional Connection to Taeyeon’s ‘What If’ and Transformative Fan Moment

While recounting his emotional moments as a trainee, BamBam revealed, “I once cried while listening to ‘What If’ by Taeyeon in the Han River. Not being fluent in Korean, I misunderstood the lyrics that say ‘If I go,’ and thought, ‘I’ll be really sad if I go back to Thailand.'”

Taeyeon & BamBam

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The conversation took an intriguing turn as BamBam disclosed the exact moment when he became a devoted fan of Taeyeon – watching Girls’ Generation’s unit TaeTiSeo ‘Twinkle’ music video in 2012.

Responding to BamBam’s heartfelt revelations, Taeyeon acknowledged the commonality of such stories among junior artists but confessed, “I am very grateful, but to be honest, I had a hard time while working at TaeTiSeo.”

Taeyeon & BamBam

(Photo : Youtube)
Taeyeon & BamBam

She candidly shared the difficulties arising from the workload and constant busyness during that period.

Taeyeon’s Reflection: Impact on Peers’ Dreams and Challenges in Career’s Pivotal Phase

Taeyeon reflected on the impact of her actions on her peers, saying, “It makes me reflect when I hear that some friends developed their dreams by seeing what they were like back then. Some of my friends’ dreams are growing because of my actions and appearance, and I think, ‘I need to come to my senses.'”

 The conversation provided a rare glimpse into Taeyeon’s personal journey and the challenges she faced during a pivotal phase in her career.

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Written by Cassidy Jones. 

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