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On a recent episode of MBC‘s South Korean Foreigners, Korean girl group idols, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and Sunny, as well as Lovelyz‘s Kei and Mijoo, appeared on the show as guests.

On the show, the host, Kim Yong Man asked the Girls’ Generation members about their personal plans as many fans must be curious.

There are many Girls’ Generation fans. So they must be curious about your personal plans such as marriage. Which member do you think will get married first?

— Kim Yong Man


And in response, Hyoyeon confidently gave an answer that no one saw coming.

She picked herself.

For me, I really think it’ll be me who gets married first.

— Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon then explained why.

If you asked me what my dream was back in the day, I would’ve said it was to become a good wife and a wise mother. Fecundity was my goal.

— Hyoyeon

And as the second member to get married, Hyoyeon picked Sunny.

I think Sunny, who is really quiet, will get married second.

— Hyoyeon

Here’s the hilarious reason why.

Sunny’s been raising plants these days. That makes me wonder if she’s getting ready for marriage.

— Hyoyeon

Lastly, the Girls’ Generation members were asked about each of the members’ personalities, and Hyoyeon shared that they’re all very different.

What’s interesting is that everyone is really different.

— Hyoyeon

As for the most diligent member, Hyoyeon picked herself once again, and Sunny backed her up.

Back when we lived in dorms, Hyoyeon was the member who did the most dishes. As for the person who did the least dishes, it was Yuri.

— Sunny

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