GFRIEND Opens Up About Their Asia Tour, How Things Have Changed Since Their Debut, And More

GFRIEND recently visited Vietnam for the music program “V Heartbeat” and opened up about their time there, their second Asia tour, and their teamwork.

When asked what their first experience in Vietnam was like, Sowon said, “Because it was our first time in Vietnam, we wondered if we’d have any fans to greet us at the airport and we were so surprised. Despite it being past midnight, many fans loudly cheered for our arrival. During our fan signing event, they really cheered us on so energetically that it gave us strength. We talked about wanting to return to Vietnam for a future tour.”

Speaking of tours, GFRIEND has been on their second Asia tour “GO GO GFRIEND!” with just their November performance in Japan left. Saying that their concert in Jakarta, Indonesia was the most memorable for her, Sowon explained, “That day, the fans were so full of energy. They even made fan chants for our b-side tracks, so we performed a b-side track for the first time for our encore. We all took out our in-ear monitors because we were surprised by our fans’ energy. It was really fun.”

Yerin added, “Once, my in-ear monitor stopped working but I kept singing without knowing how I sounded. My priority was to put on a good performance so I waited till we were talking to quickly go change it,” and “We gained a lot of strength from fans through our tour. We felt so proud and we wished we could spend more time with them.”

GFRIEND is now in their fifth year as a group and when asked about it, Umji said, “There are times when we feel like our movements have gotten more concise in the waiting rooms and on stage. I can’t say that we feel at ease as much as our seniors, but the stage feels more comfortable and familiar than it did during our debut.” Eunha said, “We have more time these days to be more creative, like writing lyrics.” Yuju joked, “We now understand the pain of creation,” before adding, “All of us have so many ideas so we always share them,” proudly talking about their teamwork. Yerin explained, “Because we all have different thoughts, we keep coming up with new ideas.”

GFRIEND’s agency has also undergone some changes, with Big Hit Entertainment acquiring Source Music in July. The members expressed their determination to continue to challenge themselves as they said, “We want to keep sharing new stories that only GFRIEND can tell. We’ve done a lot of things since our debut, but there are even more things we haven’t done yet and want to do.”

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