G-Dragon’s Second Drug Test Amid Controversy Revealed: ‘This makes it obvious that…’

In a shocking turn of events, G-Dragon, the famed K-pop idol, has once again tested negative for drugs in his second consecutive drug test.

The results, disclosed on November 20, have sent ripples through the music industry and social media, rekindling debates on his alleged involvement in a drug scandal that rocked headlines.

This second test follows an initial negative test, one he voluntarily underwent despite the absence of a police warrant.

G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Jiyong, took the proactive step to clear his name and dissolve the media frenzy surrounding the controversy.


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“Despite lacking a warrant to check his hair or phones, G-Dragon has voluntarily provided samples to uncover the truth and minimize confusion. He’s cooperated fully and is even willing to offer leg hair samples,” revealed G-Dragon’s lawyer.


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The sequence of tests has ignited furious backlash against the Incheon Police, especially after their claims that G-Dragon dyed his hair to manipulate results—an accusation he vehemently denies, citing no hair dyeing in over a year.

Social Media Flooded with Concerns Over G-Dragon’s Reputation Amid Latest Revelations

The VIPs (G-Dragon’s fandom) and K-Netz have reacted strongly to these latest results, expressing apologies for doubting his innocence.


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Comments flooded social media, highlighting concerns about the legitimacy of the drug scandal and the toll it took on G-Dragon’s reputation and well-being.

These are some comments from various social media platforms:

  • “This makes it obvious that the drug scandal wasn’t legitimate and that it was used for political reasons…”
  • “Wow, look at how small and quietly the media are reporting his innocence. Who is going to compensate him for the pain?”
  • “I feel so bad. I am disappointed in myself after believing that he was guilty after watching the video.”
  • “I hope he sues all the malicious commenters in this community.”
  • “They should have leaked the investigation to the press after finding evidence. The police are only now looking for evidence after already making him into a criminal through the press.”
  • “Seeing how strongly GD responded to the allegations, I thought he might be innocent, and I was right.”
  • “He must have gone through so much… I saw the interview in which he said he would change his posture, but I hope he doesn’t feel the need to and just be well.”
  • “I hope he sues this community…”
  • “Wow, I am sure he must have been so hurt by injustice. He was criticized by the whole country… I hope he sues.”

Netizens pleaded for accountability, urging lawsuits against malicious commenters and demanding transparency from law enforcement.

This latest revelation has refueled support for G-Dragon while stirring questions about the investigation’s integrity, leaving fans and critics alike eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this unfolding saga of innocence and justice.

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