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G-Dragon‘s fingernails have tested negative for drugs.

G-Dragon | NME

On November 21, reports revealed that the National Institute of Forensic Science had notified the Incheon Police that G-Dragon’s fingernails had tested negative for drugs.

A Police representative declined to comment on the matter, stating that they could not reveal the tests. They did, however, claim that they had reached out to the institute first for the results, contradicting rumors stating that the Police were given the negative results days before.

We reached out to them (National Institute of Forensic Science) first because it was taking so long to receive the results. We cannot share the results of the test.

— Incheon Police

The negative test follows two previous negative results, proving G-Dragon had not taken any drugs for at least the past 10 months. Notably, Lee Sun Kyun, whose alleged drug scandal G-Dragon was implicated in, also tested negative for drugs.

The negative results have sparked massive backlash for the Police, as many criticized them for incompetence and publicizing the drug investigation without any evidence of the crime taking place.

Stay tuned for updates.

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