From Seoul to ‘Good Morning America’: ENHYPEN’s big leap |

ENHYPEN, the rising K-pop sensation, is praised for a historic moment in their career as they prepare for their live debut on the renowned American morning TV show, ‘Good Morning America (GMA).’ This exciting announcement, made by their agency Belift Lab on November 21, signifies a big leap forward for the group in the global music platform.
Scheduled for November 24, ENHYPEN’s appearance on ‘GMA’ is expected to capture the hearts of viewers with their performance of the English version of ‘Sweet Venom.’ This particular track explores the idea of love, portraying it as a ‘poison’ that possesses an irresistibly sweet quality, even when faced with serious consequences.What sets this rendition apart is not merely a translation of the original Korean version but the version of unique English lyrics, offering listeners a fresh and nuanced perspective on the theme. In addition to the performance, ENHYPEN will also sit down for an interview with the show’s host, sharing interesting stories and insights. This promises fans a closer look into the group’s journey, filled with anecdotes and insights that reveal more about their artistic process and the stories behind their music.
But that’s not all – ENHYPEN’s American adventure goes beyond ‘Good Morning America.’ The day before their appearance on the show, the group will participate in the ‘Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.’ This parade is one of the oldest and most beloved Thanksgiving traditions in the United States. ENHYPEN’s involvement in this event showcases its commitment to expanding its presence and connecting with a global audience.
ENHYPEN’s upcoming debut on ‘Good Morning America’ and their participation in the ‘Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’ mark important milestones in their journey, making way for their growing popularity and dedication to reaching fans around the world.

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