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Fans have requested the design be changed.

Recently, GF Entertainment, home to K-Pop boy group KINGDOM, came under fire for the design of the group’s upcoming album.


KINGDOM debuted in 2021 with the first of their king-themed title tracks. Each group member is named after a king from history worldwide, something reflected in each release.

For example, their most recent album, History Of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin, highlighted member Mujin (named after Japanese Emperor Jinmu), with the album’s imagery having Japanese influences.

On  September 19, KST, KINGDOM announced their next album, History Of Kingdom: Part VII. Jahan was “coming soon,” an announcement that initially thrilled fans.

However, after an initial album preview was shared, many fans were shocked to see the album’s design was very similar to the Quran (also known as the Qur’an or Koran), the religious text of Islam.

When comparing the images, it is easy to see the shapes found in the design are very similar, the main difference being KINGDOM’s symbol replacing the title in the center section.

KINGDOM’s upcoming album | GF Entertainment
The Quran | The News International

For Muslims, the Quran is a holy and sacred text, and its imitation for a K-Pop group’s concept is offensive. Fans have begun reaching out to GF Entertainment in hopes of informing of why the album’s design should be changed.

On September 21, GF Entertainment shared that the album’s upcoming preorders would be postponed, citing “internal circumstances.”

“Hello. This is GF Entertainment.

First, I want to sincerely thank all of the fans for your love and interest in KINGDOM.

KINGDOM’s 7th mini-album, ‘History of Kingdom : Part VII. JAHAN,’ which was scheduled to be released today at 2 pm has been postponed due to internal circumstances.

I’m sorry to inconvenience the fans with such sudden news regarding the change. We will let you know as soon as a new schedule is confirmed.

Thank you.”

— GF Entertainment

GF Entertainment has not shared an updated preorder date nor a direct statement regarding the album’s imagery.



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