Former YG Idol Was Accused Of Drug Use After Bleaching Hair Before Going To Japan – KpopHit

SE7EN, a former artist under YG Entertainment, was spotted with newly bleached hair. He also revealed in the captions that he was heading to Japan.

SE7EN had dark brown hair just a couple of days prior to his departure.

After seeing his post, netizens quickly bombarded him with speculations that he was trying to hide possible drug use. The speculations arose as Park Yoochun, B.I, and more had suddenly bleached their hair in an attempt to avoid testing positive on drug tests.

Yang Hyun Suk had also allegedly claimed that he has a special method of erasing all traces of drugs in his artists’ system by sending them to Japan.

Despite the speculations from netizens, fans claim he was simply changing his style for his upcoming concert in Japan. He’s been preparing for the big night for the past couple of months.

He ended up successfully holding his concert in front of thousands of fans, combining his signature dance moves with more calm, serenading performances with his own piano performance.

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