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Forestella member and Figure skating champion Kim Yuna’s husband Ko Woo Rim enlisted in the military today!

Earlier in September, Ko Woo Rim and his agency BEAT INTERACTIVE had announced that the singer would undergo basic training and later serve in the military band of the Ministry of National Defense starting on November 20.

On the morning of November 20, Ko Woo Rim shared his fresh buzz cut on Forestella’s official fan cafe, titling his post, “D-18 months. Countdown starts.”

In his message, he stated, “A little while ago, I packed all the necessary items and headed to the training center. Reading the messages you sent, I feel so much affection and love from each one. I’m going there with a heart full of happiness.”

He added, “I will energetically serve and return, considering this as the last break before a lifetime together with all of you. I’ll serve healthily, without getting hurt, and cooly! I’ll also provide frequent updates along the way.”

Ko Woo Rim concluded his post on a cheerful note, saying, “Since they say I have to shave my hair again once I get there, I didn’t shave it too bald. For those who were anticipating my short haircut, I’m sending you a little sneak peek here. Dear fans, please take care of yourselves, and once again, I entrust my brothers [other Forestella members] to you. I’ll greet you again soon.”

Ko Woo Rim tied the knot with Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna on October 22, 2022.

Wishing Ko Woo Rim a safe and healthy service!

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