FNC Entertainment Releases Statement On Invasions Of Privacy Against SF9 – KpopHit

On February 10, FNC Entertainment released a statement on SF9’s official fan café about invasions of privacy against the group.

The statement reads:

Hello, this is SF9’s agency. We are sincerely grateful to FANTASY, who always loves SF9 and cheers them on.

FANTASY gives SF9 strength through their support, but there is a minority of fans who are increasingly violating the members’ private lives. These violations include getting the members’ personal contact information and calling them during live broadcasts, messaging them or calling them personally, following them around during their private activities, and visiting the dorm.

If you do any of the things described above, you will have your fanclub registration removed and be banned from registering in future. You will be banned from SF9’s officially scheduled activities, such as public broadcasts, fan sign events, and fan events. If these activities continue, we will take legal action and ask for every fan’s cooperation.

As much as you love SF9, please respect the members’ private lives.

Thank you.

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