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Are you a fan of historical dramas? Then, don’t miss to check out the historical K-Dramas announced for 2023.

A few historical dramas were announced for 2023. We will keep updating throughout the year, so stay tuned. 

Web dramas are not included in this list and this is not a ranking.

This is not a ranking. Dramas starting in 2023 are included in this list. 


1. “Our Blooming Youth”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023


When: February 6

Cast: Park HyungSik, Jeon SoNee, Pyo YeJin, Yoon JongSeok, Hur WonSeo, Lee TaeSun

Summary: It tells the story of a mysterious genius woman whose family was accused of murder overnight and of a crown prince who is under a mysterious curse. When the two of them first met at the most desperate moments of their lives, they recognized each other as their only savior, and their relationship transformed into romance.

Why Watch?: For all fans of Park HyungSik, you’ll surely be happy to meet him once again in a historical drama. Plus, The drama is full of suspense and plot twists so do not hesitate a second to watch it!


 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023


When: January 11

Cast: Kim MinJae, Kim HyangGi, Kim SangKyung

Summary: Yoo SePoong, a genius doctor, and Seo EunWoo, an eccentric doctor, meet once again at the beautiful and strange clinic. A warm prescription for the sick ones,  and for the villain, a fresh blast from the doctors of the Joseon era, and a happy prescription!

Why watch?: If you missed them, it is finally time to meet again with the warm family of the Gyesoo clinic and new characters. But we are also finally knowing the following the cliff-hanging end of season 1!


3. “Joseon Lawyer: A Morality”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023


When: March 31, 2023

Cast: Woo DoHwan, WJSN’s BoNa, Cha HakYeon

Summary: (Based on webtoon) It is a refreshing and heartwarming story about Kang HanSu, a lawyer who plans lawsuits and even takes advantage of the feelings of wronged victims. Due to unintended events, he becomes revered as the people’s “solver” and hero, which causes him to really grow into a just lawyer.

Why watch?: With this drama, you can look forward to original chemistry with a strong female lead along with the main character and the wonderful universe of the Joseon Dynasty.


4. “My Dearest”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023


When: August 4th

Cast: NamKoong Min, Ahn EunJin

Summary: Depicts the heartfelt love story between a noble woman and a mysterious man set in Joseon during the Qing invasion, known in Korean as Byeongja Horan.

Why watch?: A more serious drama, “My Dearest” touches upon feelings of yearning and a fight for survival.


6. “The Secret Romantic Guest House”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023


When: March 20, 2023

Cast: Shin YeEun, RyeoUn, Kang Hoon, Jung GunJoo

Summary: It is a refreshing and mysterious romance drama that revolves around Yoon Dano, the owner of Ehwawon, a boarding house that breaks all types of stereotypes, and the 3 boarders who have secrets.

Why watch?: For anyone who loves a quirky love story between two characters with a deep history. There’s also the potential of a thrilling love triangle that you do not want to miss.


7. “Handwritten”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023

The Star

When: TBA

Cast: Seo InGuk (in talks)

Summary: The drama is set in the Joseon Dynasty and the story revolves around Kwon SooYoung, his journey to find his identity after losing his memory, and how he gets caught in a power struggle.

Why watch?: -To be updated with the release of the first teaser-


8. “Haesi’s Sinru”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023

Naver Webtoon

When: TBA

Cast: TBA

Summary: In an extra space of the Joseon Palace, a burning triangle romance takes place between a mysterious woman and the monarchs of Korea and China.

Why Watch?: -To be updated with the release of the first teaser-


9. “The Battle Of Marriage”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023

Noblesse Men / Aldo

When: TBA

Cast: SF9’s RoWoon, Cho YiHyun

Summary: This historical drama, which is also a comedy melodrama, depicts the operation of a wedding party for the four maidens who represent the Joseon Dynasty, led by a young widow Jung SoonDeok and a young widower Sim JungWoo.

Why Watch?: -To be updated with the release of the first teaser-


10. “Flower That Blooms At Night”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023

Echo Global Group / Saram Entertainment

When: TBA

Cast: Honey Lee, Lee JongWon

Summary: It is a comedy investigative historical drama that follows the story of a 15-year-long widow who is the daughter of a noble family and does not see anything of the outside world during the day, but crosses the fence at night to live a secret life.

Why watch: -To be updated with the release of the first teaser-


11. “The Love Story Of Chunhwa”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023

Go Ara’s Instagram / Star Village Entertainment

When: TBA

Cast: Go Ara, Chang Ryul

Summary: The romance historical drama follows HwaRi, the youngest princess of the royal family who decides to find her husband by herself. Among her potential husbands is Choi Hwan, the wealthiest merchant with handsome good looks. He seems to hide a secret.

Why Watch: -To be updated with the release of the first teaser-


12. “Queen Woo”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023


When: TBA

Cast: Jun JongSeo, Kim MuYeol, Ji ChangWook, Jung YuMi, Lee SooHyuk, Park JiHwan

Summary: Set in the Goryeo era, the drama revolves around Lady Woo, the first ever woman in history to become a queen twice. She will be on the hunt for her new King within 24 hours after her previous husband, the King died.

Why Watch: -To be updated with the release of the first teaser-


13. “Fantasy Sonata”

 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023

Maroo Entertainment / Big Whale Entertainment

When: TBA

Cast: Park JiHoon, Hong YeJi, Ji Woo, Kim DongWon

Summary: It tells the story of a King with two opposite personalities and an assassin girl who wants to kill him but ends up falling in love with him.

Why Watch: -To be updated with the release of the first teaser-


-to be updated-


 13 Historical K-Dramas Of 2023


This drama is not per se historical, however, the universe being similar to historical ones, we decided to include it in this list. 

When: September 9th

Cast: Lee JoonGi, Shin SaeKyeong, Jang DongGun, Kim OkBin

Summary: It tells the stories of various heroes writing different legends of the mystical and ancient country of Arthdal.

Why watch?: A continuation of a prolific saga that everyone has been waiting for. Multiple forces face off for various reasons: to leave behind a legacy, for power, and to right the wrongs of a broken world.


Note: Dramas such as “Oasis” which portray the 80s and 90s, “Tale of the Bandits”, along with “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938” which is considered more fantastic than historical are not listed here.



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