Filipina Singer’s “Insane” Performance Is Reminding People Why She’s THE Legend

Everyone’s ears were blessed.

The Philippines has no shortage of talented singers, and many of them look up to one person in particular: Sarah Geronimo. It’s no exaggeration to say that the beautiful singer-actress is a legend and icon, serving as inspiration to the young and old alike since her debut in 2003!

Sarah Geronimo | @justsarahgph/Instagram

She has starred in multiple hit films throughout her career, not to mention released some of the most famous songs in the country’s history, like “Maybe This Time” and “Forever’s Not Enough.”

The 35-year-old is also a master at performing, often adding choreography to her songs and commanding everyone’s attention with her stage presence. And no matter how many years she’s been in the industry, she still goes viral. Her song “Tala,” for example, was hugely popular across the nation.

And she proved all of these facts right again in a recent episode of ASAP with her rendition of “I Lose Control” by Teddy Swims.

People were floored by her “insane” vocals and breathing techniques, even calling it a performance worthy of the GRAMMYs.

But it wasn’t just her incredible singing ability. Fans were also impressed by how soulful and beautiful her voice was, adding, “Why did you EAT like this!

Yet this level of performance is normal for her. She “keeps on delivering world class performances” and only gets better with time.

With how talented she is, it’s easy to see why she can pull off any genre of music—from R&B to pop—with immense ease.

Clearly, Sarah Geronimo’s fame is well-deserved!


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