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The OP of the video clarified more context.

Netizens are appalled after a fantaken video appears to show NCT‘s Yuta being ignored at a concert,.

NTC’s Yuta | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

Since debuting, Yuta has cemented his status as a true all-rounder with his talent, charming personality, and unreal visuals. For many, he is one of the most underrated members of the group.

Yet, a recent clip from a concert in Korea has sparked outrage after netizens believed Yuta was being mistreated.

In the clip, Yuta got off the stage to interact with the fans.

| @kkaebichoi/Twitter

When the clip was posted, many netizens jumped to the defense of Yuta when it seemed like those around the idol weren’t paying attention. In particular, in the video, those caught around Yuta seemed to have their cameras and attention elsewhere.


Yet, while many fans shared their anger at the clip, some netizens tried to defend the video, citing fan etiquette being different in Korea. In particular, the OP who posted the OG video shared their own take on what happened as someone who was actually at the concert in person.

In the tweet, the OP explained that they wanted to share a joyful moment from Yuta and not criticize fans. Although the fans in the video didn’t seem to be paying attention, the OP shared that it wasn’t the full story and many were interacting with the idol.

The intention behind uploading the video was to share the touching and joyful moment when Yuta came down, not to criticize the fans. Please don’t use offensive language. Also, there were many people who witnessed Yuta’s fan service and filmed it. They just didn’t upload the video like I did. Please don’t judge based on just one part of the situation.


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