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Ong Seong Wu will soon be returning to greet fans as a singer!

On February 14, it was reported that Ong Seong Wu would be releasing his first solo album. A source from his agency Fantagio confirmed the news and explained, “He is currently planning on releasing an album in the first half of 2020, but we are still in talks over the exact date.”

Ong Seong Wu released a digital single “WE BELONG” in January, but did not appear on music shows to promote the song. Therefore, anticipation is rising to hear more music from Ong Seong Wu and possibly see him performing at music shows once again.

Since concluding his activities as a member of project group Wanna One in 2019, Ong Seong Wu appeared in the JTBC drama “Moments of 18,” where he was praised for his acting. He is currently gearing up to appear in the JTBC variety show “Traveler,” which will premiere on February 15, and he has also confirmed his appearance on the MBC variety show “The Manager.”

Are you excited to hear new music from Ong Seong Wu?

While you wait, watch Ong Seong Wu in “Moments of 18” below!

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