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Fans on Twitter have been speculating that BTS‘s V and TWICE‘s Tzuyu are in a relationship.

According to a thread that emerged on Twitter, fans allegedly have proof that the two idols in question are dating.

Recently, TWICE’s Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Tzuyu attended label mates Day6‘s concert, and also uploaded pictures with them in order to show their support.


At the same time as the when TWICE posted on Instagram, V was online on Weverse, and posted pictures around 3-4 minutes after TWICE did. Fans believe the timing and the amount of the posts (3) is very suspicious, and believe that V only posted around the same time because he was jealous of Tzuyu being at Day6’s concert, so he was just killing time.

They also drew conclusions based on the fact that both of them were dressed in all black, like a couple.

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In the thread, fans also said that they think V and Tzuyu were supposed to have met up later that day, because on the way home from the concert, Dahyun and Tzuyu started a live broadcast in the car, where they talked about ordering food earlier. Dahyun revealed that they ordered a lot of food, but Tzuyu mentioned how she only ate a little bit. Later, V also revealed that he ordered jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles).

Fans are speculating that as the TWICE’s live broadcast occurred 4 hours before V was online on Weverse, Tzuyu only ate a little bit at that time to meet V later for a jjajangmyeon date.

During their live broadcast in the car, Dahyun and Tzuyu also talked a bit about Tzuyu’s new hair color. Tzuyu tried to drop subtle hints about her hair looking black but not actually being black, while Dahyun straight-up revealed that it was a purple color, much to the chagrin of a pouting Tzuyu. It was later revealed that Tzuyu would also be participating in her first stage since dying her hair on December 25 (25/12),

Tzuyu with AOA’s Seolhyun


With this information revealed, fans laid out more speculations in the Twitter thread about how V created the iconic fan phrase “Borahae” (I purple you) at the same time that Tzuyu sported purple hair in 2016, and in BTS’s 2018 season’s greetings, V picked 25/12 as his day.

Fans took speculations further by stating that after he created the phrase, he asked fans to post purple pictures out of love for him, and Tzuyu apparently posted a picture with a purple filter. According to fans, V also seems to be online a lot whenever Tzuyu posts pictures.

All of these fan speculations and theories sound interesting, but are ultimately nothing but conjecture, and unfortunately have no actual basis, unless confirmed otherwise.

You can read the whole thread here:

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