Fans Love The Interactions Between BLACKPINK's Lisa And Cai Xukun

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the newest dance mentor for the Chinese survival show Qing Chun You Ni (Youth With You).


The show’s press conference was held on January 9, with fans so excited that they trended #YouthWithLalisa number one worldwide.


Lisa explained that she joined the show to prove herself.

I want to go to a show where I can show off my dance skills.

– Lisa



While short, the conference held tidbits of treasures for BLINKS such as when Lisa danced to “Señorita” with full confidence.

Fans also couldn’t help but notice the cute moments between Lisa and “Youth Producer Representative” Cai Xukun.


She copied Cai Xukun’s iconic dance on the spot.

This move was the point dance in Cai Xukun’s first performance in Idol Producer when his team covered “PPAP”.

BLINKS were happy to see the two international superstars together.

They agreed that their combined visuals is a killer combination.

Besides this cute dance interaction, BLINKS noticed that Cai Xukun helped translate for Lisa as he is also fluent in English. He bowed down to explain the different Chinese foods they were made to try.



Lisa also copied his hand gesture during the pictures segment.

Other mentors in Qing Chun You Ni include Chinese stars Ella and Jony J, with EXO‘s Lay reprising his role as “National Producer”.



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