Fans angered as former agency withholds social media accounts and fandom name after Chung Ha exits the company

Last month, Kim Chung Ha revealed she had joined Jay Park‘s label, MORE VISION, and released new profile photos under her new agency. 

Fans and netizens praised her new look and expressed excitement for her future endeavors under a new label. However, Chung Ha was unable to receive the ownership of her social media accounts and also her fandom name.

On November 20, Chung Ha announced that she will be preparing a new chapter with her fans and will hold submissions for a new fandom name.

Notice for Chung Ha’s fandom name change.

After the recent announcement, fans quickly spotlighted Chung Ha’s newly created social media accounts, voicing criticism against her former agency, MNH Entertainment. They expressed disapproval over MNH’s actions of taking control of the artist’s original social media pages and also trademarking her fandom name, a move seen as overreaching and unfair to both Chung Ha and her supporters.

Top account: Chung Ha’s new social media account.
Chung Ha’s new social media X account.
Chung Ha’s new YouTube channel
Chung Ha’s fandom name BYULHARANG, trademarked by MNH.

Netizens commented, “There are a lot of agencies that don’t let their artists to take ownership of their social media accounts but they even trademarked her fandom name Byulharang. Where are they going to use her fandom name? She contributed so much to their company, why are they like this?” “They didn’t even do a proper job with her last album because they were in the contract renewal period,” “Wow, they’re so grimmy,” “I understand why she left them,” “What use do they have with her social media accounts? They should’ve just given them to her,” “The company really missed out on a gem like Chung Ha,” “That company is dirty till the end,” “They really know how to cross the line when it comes to being dirty and grimmy,” and “This is overboard. Wow.”

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