EXO's Sehun Trolled Chanyeol Hard By Cropping Him Almost Completely Out Of A Photo

EXO‘s Chanyeol loves to tease Sehun on Instagram, as evidenced by their ever-growing trolling saga. While Chanyeol might be the usual culprit when starting the teasing, Sehun saw the perfect opportunity to tease his hyung first and took it!


Sehun just blessed us all by uploading a few adorable pictures to his Instagram page. One photo featured his adorable doggo Vivi…

While the other featured Vivi’s handsome dog dad Sehun lounging in a chair while he was enjoying some backstage time while at the 2019 Fever Festival. He accompanied the heart-fluttering picture with a caption that read, “It came out well hyung.”

While at first glance it might look like Sehun mentioned his hyung in his caption because they were at the festival together, upon closer inspection Sehun was trolling Chanyeol all along! Chanyeol had been almost completely cropped out of the photo save his feet, a hand, and part of his head and Sehun couldn’t let the opportunity pass him by!

sehun yeol


Meanwhile, Chanyeol saw the photo and could only react with question marks!

yeol question

This isn’t the first time that Sehun has started the ball rolling and teased his hyung first. Back in August, Sehun had some fun teasing Chanyeol with this photo which he hilariously captioned with, “As expected, humble.”

Meanwhile, in September, he uploaded a not so perfectly timed photo with Chanyeol and trolled him hard again!


With another chapter added to their ever-growing trolling saga, Sehun and Chanyeol once again proved that their trolling game is strong and that they’re truly an amazing duo!

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