EXO’s D.O. charms in new profile photos after leaving SM Entertainment |

D.O., the singer and actor from EXO, just dropped some super cool pictures. He left his old agency, SM Entertainment, last month. But the multifaceted singer and actor is starting new chapter in his career with his collaboration with Company Soosoo.
After years of successful collaboration with SM Entertainment, D.O. expressed his eagerness to explore new opportunities and challenges in the entertainment industry and that’s when he decided to try something new with Company Soosoo.Sources close to the artist suggests that’ the move to Company Soosoo was motivated by a search for greater creative freedom and a desire to contribute to projects that align more closely with his artistic vision.
To celebrate this fresh start, the new agency released some amazing pictures of D.O. These pics show off his style and personality, giving fans a sneak peek of what’s coming next.
Fans have been waiting to see what D.O. will do with Company Soosoo, and these pictures give a cool preview. Company Soosoo is already making waves by showing off D.O. in a fresh look in these pictures. This collaboration appears to be a strategic move that will help D.O. to do projects that will relate more appropriately with his talents.
As D.O. starts on this journey with Company Soosoo, fans can expect a more personalised and intimate connection with his work. The new agency provides a platform for D.O. to shape his narrative further his creativity.

Author: from timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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