Releasing music from a K-Pop entertainment’s perspective, is much different from the perception of fans and music listeners. Every release matters more, as it can either enhance their idol group’s popularity or disappoint the public. Which is why so much time, money, and manpower goes in to just producing one song.

On a half serious note, maybe YG Entertainment’s reputation of never releasing music on their fans’ time and schedule has an alternate explanation besides theories that fall on the lines of the head producers just simply not caring.

Any how, on to how TWICE were able to release music so quickly in such a relatively short period of time.

TWICE is not only known for their bubble-gum K-Pop music, their charms, and quality contents. The girl group has also been talked about by netizens for being able to continuously make surprise comebacks and consistently release new music at a speedy rate.

But how was it achieved? Park JinYoung, CEO of JYP Entertainment, spoke in the  past about the game plan that brought immense success to not just the girl group but to the entire agency as well.


“Even from last year, JYP Entertainment was an organization with several different departments partitioned.”

park jinyoung



“For example, we had a marketing department, promotion department, management department, A&R department, and etc.”

park jinyoung


“All the workload was basically compartmentalized and delegated to the respective departments in charge.”

“But sometime around 2015-2016…”

“It was not very effective since our company had grown so big. Everything was inefficient and slow.”

park jinyoung


“The rate of contents being produced wasn’t fast enough.”

park jinyoung


“I felt that it was our biggest problem.”

In order to deal with this problem he stated:

“I made a TF (Task Force), designed to work and deal with one specific artist.”

“That task fore would be responsible for all the marketing, promotion, and management of that one particular artist.”

“The artist that the task force was responsible for was TWICE.”

In short, the CEO formed a special team to focus only on one artist instead of having large compartmentalized departments handle all the work related to their field for all artists.


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