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Run BTS! teamed up with tvN‘s The Game Caterers for episode 140. While it was an exciting collaboration planned, BTS‘s staff didn’t inform the members ahead of time.


The members were tricked into playing the Mafia game and closing their eyes while the “mafia” was selected. In came producer Na Young Suk who selected each member before sitting next to J-Hope.


When they were told to open their eyes, they realized they were all selected and that there was an extra player! The extra player was obviously not just anybody but an entertainment legend.


The members were stunned and began to freak out when they realized who else was with them. Suga admitted that he was starstruck when he saw Na Young Suk!


After they got over the shock and were informed of the special collaborative episodes, the first game with Na Young Suk began. However, even when giving instructions, he noticed a member continually smiling at him. Jimin confessed, “Because it’s like I’m watching TV.”


Speaking of celebrities, the first game they played together was a celebrity and character figure quiz. Each time someone misidentified a figure in this game, the group would lose an ingredient for their prize meal. Na Young Suk was impressed with how well BTS seemed to know celebrities, both Korean and international.


All the Marvel fans watching the episode could relate to RM as he excitedly identified Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. She wasn’t the only Avenger included, though.


Iron Man himself came up when it was V‘s turn. RM, along with the rest of BTS, was also especially devastated when V didn’t recognize Robert Downey Jr.


Just because they themselves are celebrities doesn’t mean they can’t be fanboys of other celebrities too!

Check out other moments from episode 140 below:

Source: www.koreaboo.com

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