Eugene Thanks “Master In The House” For Sending Support To “The Penthouse 2” – KpopHit

Eugene thanked “Master in the House” for sending a snack truck in support to the set of “The Penthouse 2”!

On February 27, the actress posted a photo of the snack truck to her personal Instagram and wrote, “The snack truck that was sent to ‘The Penthouse’ by ‘Master in the House.’ We enjoyed the food! Thank you! Let’s work hard for the rest of filming…!”

Eugene recently appeared on the SBS variety show “Master in the House” as the “master,” talking about her time in S.E.S. and juggling her work and childcare responsibilities. Her fellow “The Penthouse” stars Kim So Yeon and Lee Ji Ah also appeared to talk about their hit drama and relive their embarrassing career moments with the cast.

SBS’s smash hit “The Penthouse 2” premiered on February 19 and recently scored an all-time high in ratings for its second season so far.

Check out “The Penthouse 2” here…

… and “Master in the House” here!

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