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BuzzFeed Celeb had Eric Nam read thirst tweets and, honestly, this is the kind of content everyone needs in their lives. 👏

Source: BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

Brace yourself for some of Eric’s best responses to the thirst tweets BuzzFeed picked out for him.

“Eric Nam is daddy material.”

This thirst tweet really sent Eric for a loop. His face when he says, “Go to bed” is absolutely priceless and we would frame it if we could.

Source: BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

“Eric Nam could punch me in the face and I’d give him both of my kidneys.”

No one could accuse Eric’s fans of not being passionate. After all, who else would volunteer to give their kidneys to the person who punched them in the face? LOL

I’ll be sure not to punch you in the face ’cause I don’t want you to die.


Source: BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

“We are not worthy of your thigh cleavage!”

I don’t have thigh cleavage, guys. This is almost insulting, I have like chopsticks for legs, and I don’t use the word ‘chopsticks’ because I’m Asian. It’s because literally, they’re just like toothpicks.


We’re not sure what thigh cleavage is, but if Eric’s stans say he has it, we believe them.

Source: BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

“I need Eric Nam shirtless photos right now.”

I’m just gonna save you the effort and the energy. I think your imagination is probably much better than the reality that’s going on under this leopard print.


Oh, Eric. No need to be so humble! 😜

Source: BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

Watch the whole video below to experience the full epicness of Eric’s responses:

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