E'Dawn reveals his loving personality on 'Knowing Bros' with Hyuna ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: ‘Knowing Bros’ Dawn reveals the gift that made Hyuna cry, “She teared up at a fridge and luxury necklace”

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+731, -6] E’Dawn looks so good dressed up normally like this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+662, -10] E’Dawn looks so different from his other pictures, he looks more lively ㅋㅋㅋ Hyuna’s cute too ㅠㅠ They match so well ㅠㅠ please don’t mind the hate comments and be happy

3. [+535, -14] I can see why they’ve lasted so long together, their personalities seem to mesh well

4. [+79, -3] E’Dawn needs to be on more varieties. He’s a cute and decent guy. I assumed he was weird from all his pictures so far…;;;;;;;

5. [+71, -3] E’Dawn looks mu~~ch better in video than in pictures. He’s so much cuter and livelier in real life.

6. [+49, -3] Wow, the difference in comments before and after this show… There used to be a ton of hate comments before. I hope E’Dawn comes out on more TV shows from now on.

7. [+38, -1] So lovely to see a young couple in love receive love from the public as well

8. [+37, -2] They’re so cute together ^^ I hope ‘Knowing Bros’ becomes a turning point and all the hate comments disappear for good. Be happy!!!

9. [+11, -0] Dawn looks so kind. He seems like the kind of guy who’s so accepting of you that it’s just impossible to get into a fight with him. What a man.

10. [+10, -0] After seeing Dawn through only pictures, I can see how handsome and kind he is in video like this. He also kind of gives me Park Seo Joon feels.

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