DO holds V-live stream after discharge from the army – KpopHit

Article: Do Kyungsoo holds first live stream since army discharge

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+308] How did this kid.. come back looking even rounder, it’s cute…

2. [+215] How did he get back from the army even cuter and more handsome…. He took over Twitter yesterday, and I still can’t believe it… that this man held a V-live for 35 minutes all on his own. It feels like a dream. My lips were in a permanent smile the entire time. So when is the stream being uploaded?? I want to see it again soon..

3. [+142] Yes.. very damn cute.. and I am very happy..

4. [+90] How did he become even more of a baby?… So cute

5. [+55] How’d he get back from the army looking more like a baby ㅜㅠ how crazy ㅠ He looks exactly like he went back to his debut days 9 years ago ㅠㅠ I guess I’m the only one aging ㅜㅜ 

6. [+13] So round, how cute

7. [+10] ?? Has he always been this cute? He looks like a baby potato

8. [+9] Is this a dream or real life

9. [+7] Kyungsoo-ssi, why don’t you age?

10. [+6] Such a damn cutie


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