Dispatch proves Kang Daniel's 'The Show' win with 'Gaon Chart' data ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: [Exclusive] Kang Daniel’s ‘The Show’ #1 suspicions clarified… ‘Gaon Chart’ digital data obtained

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+906, -153] Wow, Kang Daniel must’ve thought it was so unfair. He was getting a ton of hate over this on Pann, too.

2. [+844, -148] Everyone kept trying to claim that he won through connections… but he really did deserve to win #1

3. [+708, -125] Fans of that certain group were kicking up a fuss from last night until this early morning

4. [+135, -11] So where’d all the haters go? Everyone who kept asking for data proof? Here it is.

5. [+114, -13] I bet they’re too embarrassed to say anything so they’ll just downvote and leave ㅋㅋ

6. [+111, -11] Poor Kang Daniel, he’s going to be scared to even win #1 anymore

7. [+107, -10] Even during the ‘MMA’, he got a ton of hate over an award tha the didn’t even end up winning and got no apology in the end for it. Then he was being dragged by the hair over data that wasn’t even confirmed for ‘The Show’, and now that the data is out, everyone who was hating on him has disappeared. All that’s left are Daniel and his fans and their wounds.

8. [+100, -9] Kang Daniel, congratulations on winning #1

9. [+96, -8] This is so sad, he deserved to win #1, why was he being hated on so hard?

10. [+94, -7] Wow, poor Kang Daniel. Antis were totally going in on him like this was their opportunity. Why should he be scared to win his own award?

Source: Naver

1. [+1,957, -78] Kang Daniel, congratulations on winning #1. ‘Touching’ is the best stage and gift to your fans.

2. [+1,499, -49] I hope the people who targeted him when all he did was work hard on stage feel sorry for what they did in their hearts

3. [+937, -19] Kang Daniel, I love you lots ❤

4. [+776, -38] Kang Daniel was getting a ton of hate over this yesterday. I guess people have no problem beating him down without reason anymore.

5. [+335, -3] Even if it’s been proven that he won #1 fair and square, he was attacked for the past two days and haters are still going on now that the truth is out like “oh well”. Who’s going to compensate for the damages Kang Daniel and his fandom have suffered through?

6. [+238, -0] Four times the difference… why was he hated on without reason like this? ㅠ

7. [+207, -0] If people had a problem with him winning, all they had to do was take it up with ‘The Show’. Instead, they hated on the singer ㅠㅠ This is so upsetting. The points are all right there, from streaming to downloads to BGMs.

8. [+155, -0] To all of you who hated on Kang Daniel and our fandom with false information, please apologize… Daniel, congratulations on #1

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