Despite being boycotted, YG's songs still have huge downloads at Gaon

Recently, the prestigious Gaon chart of Korea has just released a list of best-selling items of Kpop groups. In particular, not only have impressive achievements in album sales, YG groups have also surprised the huge number of downloads of the songs on the chart despite the boycott of netizens.

Accordingly, all 4 groups BlackPink, Big Bang, iKON, and WINNER all had 2.5 million downloads on Gaon after the chart changed the scoring method in 2013. It is an active group throughout the past time. , BlackPink excelled when there were 5 songs WHISTLE, PLAYING WITH FIRE, As If forth Your Last, DDU-DU DDU-DU, Forever Young both exceeded 2.5 million downloads. More special than the song Forever Young also ranked top.1 best-selling girl group on the chart.

Forever Young is top.1 best-selling girl group on the chart.
Forever Young ranked top.1 best-selling girl group on the chart.

BlackPink performance Forever Young.

Although there are not many outstanding activities, BigBang still contributes in the list with 2 songs FXXK IT and BANG BANG BANG. It is worth mentioning that Big Bang is the group that suffered the most boycott of Korean netizens because of the recent commotion but probably "words and actions of Korean netizens do not go hand in hand".

Big Bang.Big Bang.

MV Bang Bang Bang – Big Bang.

Two other YG boy groups, iKON and WINNER, are also not sold in the chart. Love Scenario (iKON) and Really Really (WINNER) has also achieved 2.5 million downloads on Gaon Charts. This is a testament to the speciality of YG music that is hard to replace in the Kpop market.

iKON 7 member lineup.iKON 7 member lineup.

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