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Article: Kim Heechul and Momo embroiled in dating rumors once more “Checking” [official statement]

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

1. [+1,325, -78] Even if they were in a relationship.. I think it’d be okay

2. [+924, -36] At least give us a picture of them together so that it’s undeniable. Why are they always getting into rumors over some pictures on Instagram?

3. [+710, -84] I feel like Kim Heechul would be honest if he was in a relationship with Momo for real ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+90, -9] I think it’s true. This is their second time and I feel like Kim Heechul would post on his Instagram denying the rumors if they really weren’t true (there was a rumor before that he personally denied on his Instagram). He stayed quiet, there were accounts of people spotting them in Japan, and I think there’s also a reason why he changed his favorite group to ITZY after the rumors started stirring up ㅋㅋ

5. [+63, -20] I don’t think anyone would hate them for dating ㅎ they match well~

6. [+57, -5] Dispatch must really not have anything this year, I’m disappointed

7. [+55, -29] Momo could do better, she’s only 23. Why would she date an ajusshi who’s 38 ㅡㅡ There must be so many young, handsome men around her, why an ajusshi? That’s a 14 year age difference. Momo would have to be insane to date someone old enough to be her uncle.

8. [+49, -2] I guess Dispatch felt they were too weak to cover..

9. [+44, -12] There is quite an age gap but Kim Heechul’s a good guy so I’m not opposed to the idea. He also lives youthfully and has a youthful, handsome face.

10. [+43, -3] Kim Heechul is so chummy with the ladies that I think it’s confusing for many..

11. [+28, -6] I actually think Kim Heechul is the super cautious type and wouldn’t like going public just because he wants to protect his girlfriend from gossip. He knows that they always get hate so why would he want that for his girlfriend?

12. [+26, -5] I imagine it’s going to be tough for him to ever go public since his close dongsaengs commit suicide after suffering from sexual harassment comments due to their relationships. There’s no need to go public, I just want them to be happy together if they truly are in a relationship.

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